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What do you guys prefer in a match?

A stalemate (Walls) with Nod: Ref + PP + HoN versus GDI: PP + Bar + WF?


(upon map (vote-spam) switch)

Early rush (Volcano) with Nod succesfully destroying Ref and 5 minutes after destroying WF followed by 1 minute after destroying Bar and game ends in 10 minutes, through such an event?

Option 1 was due to the fact that Nod was not able to mount succesfull SBH infiltrations for 10-15 minutes as GDI hunkered down a bit after destroying strip. SBH-nukes were anticipated.

I don't think this was a proper stalemate though as Nod was getting funds on a regular basis while GDI was drying up. Yet the impatient people still insisted on the vote-spam.

So, here it is, what is more prefered? As I'm one of the oldies that played renegade without a voting system, which is why all this vote-spam is getting on my nerves.

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Occasionally I feel map change votes are necessary if people are genuinely not having fun with current impasse. I think the voting ratio is fair and captures what most people want.

I played old renegade too, and must say that the 2 hour+ duration on Field or Under really made me wish we had voting options back then.

That said, I don't like almost instant losses for either side. I don't think anyone does.

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I like to see a battle develop. Front lines form. go back and forth. one side pushes well together.....

So i guess thats the stalemate idea. I like to see it form and break apart.

I'm with this guy.

Marathons can be so much more involved because of it. Its like being part of a much more fun fight than just a 30 minutes then forget game.

All that without having to waste your life on a MMO grinding or something.

I actually really hate when a rush is successful early on by the way. And its way too common.

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