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Remote C4 Needs a Fix!


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From what I've heard, the Remote C4 count toward the mine limit. I understand that this may be to prevent spam, but it interferes with other game mechanics, especially remote detonating your stolen vehicle. There's also the issue that any defensive or offensive Remote C4 will make defense mines disappear.

Remote C4 act completely different than mines, and should not be counted toward the mine limit. If needed, a separate personal (individual player) limit of 6-10 Remote C4 should be set. Or an entire team limit, although this would again cause interference with mechanics. I like to play it safe and prefer to place Remote C4 on my vehicle, so that I can detonate in case it will ever be stolen. This is especially important while defending as a technician, racing around to check mines. I strongly urge a change to at least have Remote C4 counted separate from the mine limit.

Who agrees? Even if you don't want exactly the same changes, do you still agree that Remote C4 needs to be counted separate from the mine limit? (I can't imagine why anyone would completely disagree.)

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I think a personal limit would be the best option here, the limit of 6 C4 charges per person should be more then enough. I agree and think its stupid to count them as mines.

If there is a rush of some kind, i c4 the shit out of it, however if the limit was already reached it means me and my fellow bombers are helping the enemy by vanishing mines for them. I actually c4 the shit out of everything, fun to stick on people :P

I agree with you, this should be fixed :D Haven't seen it in the changelist though!

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In the original Renegade, IIRC, anything over two remote C4's counted against your mines. Perhaps there could be a similar threshold established here where you get a certain amount and then it starts affecting the mine count.

I don't remember that. But even if it was so, it doesn't mean it was a sensible idea, and shouldn't just be blindly copied. The problem happens when the random screwball nutcase decides to spam remote C4, or, the much more common, defensive or offensive use of remote C4 which is often necessary due to the lack of good offensive weapons for those classes. Your defense is ruined and you don't even know where the mines are missing.

I don't see any reason or function for having remote C4 count toward the mine limit, and I see plenty of reasons why it shouldn't count toward the mine limit (especially game mechanics and defense problems, especially when remote C4s are abused). Remote C4 limits simply need to be completely separate from the mine limit for it to work properly.

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When I played the original Ren, if I remember correctly, there were 2 separate limits.

I specifically remembered it because a common tactic was mining the main base entrance on walls. (the non-flying version) there were only 2 points of entry, tunnels and main gate, so mining them result in SBH detection or kill.

To counter vehicles trying to remove those mines, i often placed remote C4's in front 3m apart from eachother, from wall-to-wall and 3 rows.

Yeah a shitload work for 1 vehicle detonation, but was often VERY succesfull against SBH infiltration and a rush by picking off 2-3 vehicles with those remotes.

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