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Another Rogue Server


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Yeah yeah, you 'muricans are happy about the low ping, screw that!

The serverlist showed this: !SubGlobal.net - 1,000Mb/s Lagless! with 39/40 players with a ping just under 100 in Europe. Vehicle limit 255, minelimit 255.

I was thinking, this is another server with a mocked player count, but I was fooled.

As soon as I joined and the harvester dumped it's load, I had a total of 7k credits on my name. Whuuuuuuut?! That's right! But that's the entire team having the same thing.

Just 10 minutes after that, orca's started to fly around.


you 'muricans ruin the fun drawing all the playerbase to that f#cked-up (excuse the language) server.

Anywho, I'm not going to join that server, it's for kiddo's who don't like the game as is.

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