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Refill doesn't recover stamina

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once again a useless post ...

has been posted already

I too find this poster a bit anoying, especially the fact he's only posting bug, glitches and malfunctions according to his preferences along side with a "severity grade" which is entirely made up by himself (i presume)

On the other hand, this is Beta and he is "beta testing" and reporting bugs in a short and concise manner. A dev might find it quite useful, in matter of 2-3 lines they read the subject, the players opinionated severity and a more detailed explanation.

The opinionated severity is what makes it anoying for me though, it might be misinterpretted as if it is the general public opinion, which it is not.

Might not be that useless either, think about the crashing reports, the forum is flooded by those and seems the most game-breaking prevalent bug/glitch/malfunction but when that's solved, we all revert back to the other bugs/glitches/malfunctions he has already mentioned.

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