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"E"ngineer and "R"efill keys are too close togeather?


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They need to make everything rebind-able.

I love going from syndey to engineer, happens more often than it should since I use "ESDF" to move.

Here are other dumb binds:

1. Call vote binds are the same binds as weapon switch. (1, 2, 3, 4). Anyone who still uses a mouse wheel to change weapons should be shot in the face.

2. Cannot bind weapon slots 3, 4, 5, and 6 to different keys.

3. Class binds are from 1 - 0 on the keyboard, why can we not bind these? I gave up and just started using the mouse for any class above 5 instead.

4. The binds for voice commands mirror the original, which I understand the reasoning behind it, but I really think this should be improved. Why not something like the Tribes VGA system instead? Make them easily reachable at all times instead of having to cover my entire keyboard with my hand to get out simple messages. -VGTG- (Voice, Global, Taunt, "I am the GREATEST").

5. Vehicle slot switch binds are the same as weapon binds 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. This isn't too bad but it should NOT be linked to weapon switch binds and should be default 1 - 5 and rebind-able.

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I would love to have a question like "are you sure" if you purchase a character that is cheaper than the one you are ...

I had bought an engie couple of times becaue the freezes sometimes ...

I push E,R ... but nothing happens then push E,R again ... but it jumps into the PT and count the second E i pressd to try to enter the PT again as E for engie ....

lost higher characters multiple time, even after hon/bar is dead ...

or change to numbers ... E for enter and E fo engi is bad ... for lag or freezes ...

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This had happened to me too on occasion, my fix was: patience.

More often than not, the hotkey uses are faster than the game load. When I join a game, I get into a PT and press E for engineer (fastest way to get $$ for other purchases, when joining mid-session)

then press E again to change the silenced pistol into the automatic pistol, but the character is still portraying a soldier instead of the just-switched Engineer.

This is BETA, so it needs to be optimized still, so best way to cope with it is patience!

Maybe a tip to optimize: make character switching/refills client-based so the client registers the change without lag and vizualizes it, but the actual change has to be confirmed by the server for it to be legitimate (and not a hack/cheat of any kind)

But I also agree, personal preferences are always different between individuals, for that reason alone, ALL keys should be rebindable.

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I still miss that you can't bind a different key for it, hope that gets solved after the bugs/crashes.

Have had the problem aswell, in battle wanting to refill but in the rush i press the E to get into the PT but because i dont want to wait i press it again resulting in the engi :P

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While I can't say I've ever purchased an engineer instead of refilling, although I see how that can be possible, I have purchased an engineer by accidentally double-tapping E when entering a PT.

It would be nice to be able to bind those keys, but personally I wouldn't change them since they make sense to me. I'd prefer a more fixed solution in addition to the ability to rebind the keys ourselves. Something like a confirmation dialogue for using a hotkey to purchase a character that's cheaper than your current character. This dialogue should also be able to be disabled in the options menu if you don't like it.

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Past Problem: Pressing 5 for refill was awkward. Make it R! Good solution.

New Problem: They just dump E for Engineers! Why the heck?

You know, making R refill but keeping the rest how it was would have been fine. 4 Engi, 5 Marksman. Letter shortcuts are all harmless.

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They did it because they ordered the marksman unit before the engineer unit, thus pushing the engineer up to #5.

While I can see some new people getting confused at why a support role is just randomly placed in the middle of 4 offensive roles, it would make more intuitive sense to keep the engineer at 4 and make the marksman 5.

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Hopefully numeric keys can be used for weapon selection. I've been killed way too many times just simply from scrolling through the weapons to get the right gun out.

When fighting:

1: Pistol/Auto pistol/Tiberium Flechette/etc etc. (only 1 each)

2: Main weapon for bought character

3: Timed C4 (or grenades when changed at PT)

4: Remote C4 (Engineer/Hot/Tech)

5: Proxy (Hot/Tech)

6: Super weapon Nuke/Ion/Airstrike (Note: you cannot equip Ion/nuke AND airstrike at the same time)

As in the PT UI, you only have the option to buy 1 of 4 availible weapons to replace the Silenced Pistol, so that means 1-4 in that section.

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