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Dear Ren-X Team.


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I have played TA quite intensively for a while, with my clan mates. It was good fun but gets expensive after a while. I played two worlds, in the first world we were the number 2 alliance, in the second the number 1 alliance IIRC. I choose to "only" invest 5 € per month, but friends of mine invested much, much more.

It's quite decent, but the fact it is so exponential, has as a consequence that it's nearly impossible to actually gain up on someone else. Strong gets stronger.

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It will take you nowhere. There is a huge difference between investing nothing at all and investing a tiny bit. I enjoyed the game with the 'little' investment but you need a little bit of discipline.

That's only with a select few games. Hard work and dedication can get you quite far with most 'free-to-play' games. Although spending a few bucks into such a game can be quite tempting at times. :P

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