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Chat Spam-Limit


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Why is there a limit on how fast you can type in-game? For people who can type fast like myself, and I'm guessing a lot of others, that spam limit is extremely annoying when you're trying to plan things in-game. Game events move fast, and the seconds it costs me having to wait or retype long sentences because of a stupid filter are a big negative for my game experience.

I really believe that you should let servers handle this, and not do it in the game. If this isn't possible, then just remove the spam limit and let mods do their jobs.


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Same for the EVA messages. Only 1 EVA message is allowed at the moment. When the next one comes in, it removes the last EVA message (replaces it). Can we get something similar to the Renegade chat system? 5 max radio commands within 3 secs. If you go over, then there's a 10 sec cool down. Same for the actual chat.

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If you agree with him, then shut up and go elsewhere. Barging into a topic to tell people to shut up talking about something you don't care about, is retarded. Topic was fine and probably didn't need that much attention. Yes, its a small thing. People that care say something, or argue about it. Thats it. Thats all.

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