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MPF Server Stats (alexStats) (Ranking System with no Steam)


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MPF would like to introduce alexStats. Ren-x.com Slaughterhouse server stats (alexStats) are independent from the RenegadeX global stats system and are only for the server you play on, you will not need steam to be apart of the stats unlike the current RenegadeX global stats were only steam users are logged. The system also provides live server status allowing you to see who is in game, map, time remaining and current building status from the website.

alexStats has just been enabled on both Slaughterhouse #1 and Slaughterhouse #2 servers, see if you have what it takes to be Number 1. Ranks have just been reset to give everyone a fair chance.

(check your rank at http://renegadexserver.com/)


Search: player name search

Rank: players rank in the ladder

Name: player name

Total Points: total points over every game you have participated in

Av. Score: average score over every game you have participated in

K / D: kills to death

K/D Ratio: the ratio of kills to deaths

Total Games: the amount of games you have participated in

Av. Kills Per Game: average kills in games you have participated in

Av. Deaths Per Game: average kills in games you have participated in

GDI / Nod: how many times you have been on each side (also determines the color of you personal stats as shown below)

Recs: how many recommendations you have had (best player of the match)

Monthly Ranks: holds the months ladder for the current and past months

Overall Ranks: hold the all the ranks from start / reset to current day

Map Ranks: holds the ranks for each individual map




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Can MVP-titles be added? Taken this into account with the K/D ratio is usually a decent indicator of player skill.

That is definitely a possibility. This system can be taken a lot further but I am interested to see if there is interest in it. If there is a good amount of interest and use of the system then I will definitely be adding further features to the system.

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