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Stealth Detection


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I don't really agree. Right now stealth is overpowered, period. Needs a drastic nerf. Its right next to me that its incredibly difficult to spot. Its just insane. More specific counters would be nice but the basics needs a fixing.

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I'm not sure what basics are wrong. Aside from the obvious (WF ledge need fixed on flying maps), they're not that hard to spot and follow. I spent an hour chasing down and pistoling SBHs on Islands yesterday with hotwire without one of them getting away once I spotted them.

Perhaps you need to adjust your graphics to use fewer effects? I turned off lens flare and a couple other lighting options on mine to help with stuff like this.

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if I remember correct Hotwires and Moebius units were able to see stealthunits a little better than regular GDI units... in classic renegade

not to forget that in classic renegade stealthunits did kinda flash or blink if they got hit by any projectile, if they got in contact with tiberium of any kind or took any damage... that is totaly missing in renegade-x so far

stanks had to avoid tiberium fields like infantery ...

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No i am not talking about picking up chunks of tiberium ...

Stanks did flicker their blue transparent skin a little when they were moving on a tiberium field

not like Nod sees it but you could see them much better if you were close enough

I remember this beeing an issue on City for example ...

when you plan a stankrush to the WF through the gap under the bridge and BEHIND the tiberiumfield ...

sometimes some stanks went ahead and waited at that field, showing a randomly passing GDI unit that there is something ...

even if that not did reveal the whole rush it opened a fight that at least did delay the rush ... some bullet spray may

also hit other stanks that have been more carefull

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