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Orca too big

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I personally find the Orca annoying to fight with, atleast firing at ground targets. Sometimes i cant see where i am shooting at because the orca itself is blocking the view. (i know there is 1st person view but i dont like that in vehicles)

I know it can be only personal so i am posting this to see if more feel the same.

Or is there something i missed where i can increase the height of the 3rd person view of the Orca?


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I'd also like to add the complaint that the orca's gun magazine is far too small. Should be 60 shots minimum.
I a really disappointed with the Orca in RenX. In the original Ren, an Orca was a force to be reckoned with. Speed, Agility, Maneuverability were awesome... In RenX, the Orca feels slow and cumbersome, not to mention the lack of ammo and long reloads.

To me, the Orca in original Ren felt like a Falcon. In RenX if feels like flying an actual orca (whale)... Just my opinion.

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