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Tech Building - Communications Center

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Hmm. Well I was just trying to suggest a relatively easy thing to implement. This new Tech Building capture process opens up a lot of strategy to be had by having a few more worthwhile tech buildings in some maps. I don't see the point in adding redundant building types though (such as Advanced Comm Center/Temple of Nod).

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I don't think the availability of airstrikes should be controlled by tech buildings.

Airstrikes add new strats to the game, and I think they should be available to both teams all the time.

The communications tech building can reduce the beacons price though. That will be sure to keep people fighting for posession of the building.

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Not a bad idea at all. There could be other benefits also, such as the acquirement of unique weapons systems, similar to what the tiberium silo does in the way of tib based weaponry. As for purchasing airstrikes, that can really be done back at base, unless it was a differing type of airstrike. that would be cool. Generals had all kinds of airstrikes.

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