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Gamestar Video Review (German)


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It is pretty fair except for the complain that units are too hard to kill ... they say thats too old school

at the end they say something like:

"Yes this game has a lot of bugs but since this is still beta they will sure sort out the most. Other games like battlefield have a ton of bugs aswell, but while those games cost 50€ ... RenegadeX comes for free"


http://www.gamestar.de/videos/tests,17/ ... 74050.html

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thought so fobby ;)

btw, all major gaming sites depend on the industry ... every single site that has previews, or gets invited to a studio to have interviews and such ...

so if they want to keep that they can not be critical ...

borders between advertisement and actual information are fluid, and in many cases it is just pure advertisement in camouflage

everybody should keep that in mind!

but in this case i actually think it is honest

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Haha I like how the review ends with "eh it's a bit buggy but then again the competition is too and you're paying 50 bucks for that"

You are wrong,

he says that you buy 50€ for the competitor (Battlefield) but Renegade X is for free.

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