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its unreal engine, see if setname playername works when u open the console window, think on my keyboard thats the @ key to the left of my tilde~ char.

havent tried this but it worked in other unreal engine games, unless that got scrapped.

EDIT: nah just tried, doesnt seem to work, commands accepted but doesnt change, which is good in some ways.

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Open the console by pressing the ~ key on your keyboard and type 'setname '.

This does work, however it is easier to do this:

Launch the game launcher. On the top of the launcher, there is a little box you need to press to change your playername. This playername MUST be identical to your Steamname ONLY to be tracked for leaderboard purposes. Other than that, your playername can be anything you'd like.

NOTE: You can't type in your name as: "Android 17" with a space between d and 1; it will only show "Android" ingame. Use an underscore "_" to devide into 2 words.

Ingame the underscore is visible, but removed within the commandbox by typing: "setname Android 17"

With regards to leaderboards:

I find it being unaffected for steam to be linked to ren-x. All I do is start up steam THEN start up the gamelauncher. Make sure my playername is the same as my steamname and voila, I'm tracked. The only thing you need to do is have steam opened before starting the gamelauncher.

I'm on the leaderboards and I only did the above mentioned. No reason to believe otherwise.

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