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I see APC's Army (7 Apc's) Destroying Tanks (Medium Tanks, Mamoth tanks n' light tanks so fast) maybe need a nerf?

7 APC's vs. how many mediums, mammoths and light? Was it all 7 APC's vs them as a group or was the tanks spread apart? So that the APC's could pick them off one at a time. Your calling them overpowered but your not giving any details to explain why or what happend. If its 7 APC's vs. 3 or 4 tank maybe. 7 Apc's vs 7 tanks and winning then yes they would be overpowered and something needs to be done.

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It does sound like large quantities of APCs versus minimal amounts of tanks. A large amount of anything in Renegade can be dangerous. But I gurantee if it was 7 APCs vs 7 Medium Tanks or upward, they'd lose. But if its say, 1 or 2 Tanks vs the 7 then yes. They would lose. The small amount of damage going at a constant rate adds up very fast and would eradicate anything if it didn't have backup. xD

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