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The donation system isn't really user friendly. When you push ALT+N, you see the names and player-IDs, but in crowded servers the list is cropped, so you cannot see all the players. In addition you see the names of the opposing team. My suggestion is to remove the enemies from the list, because nobody would donate to the other team.


edit: and it would be nice to see how much money the players have. In old-ren you could switch with the tab button the player-list on the left side to see also their funds.

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can confirm this. this happens always when you stay long on a server so you will get on top of the list. also it shows players of the enemy team. if they would be removed, it would be fine already, but since the list begins in the middle of the screen, it could be also dragged down to the bottom. and delete enemy players, there is no reason to give them your credits

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