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A few near game breaking problems(for me)


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Well as a player of renegade since 2002, I must say this is the greatest thing to ever happen to video gaming :) I thank you kindly for all your hard work and you can have all my in game credits :cool:

First on my list is the lack of customization with controls.

-You have Primary and Secondary but no remote c4, grenades, timed c4. Having to use "scroll wheel" when every split second counts, having to scroll down and over scrolling what explosive device you need can get you killed.

-Aim Down Sight, is a great idea. However every person I play with in tournaments or others with very good aim uses a key for ADS not RMB, and sadly since some things such as alternate fire is very awkward to use with a key I just find my self torn between do I keep it RMB and use alternate fire of things such as the flak gun and setting off explosives. Or do I just negate that and only worry about ADS. So far I have chose to ignore ADS all together. I really wish you would make a new key for ADS only

Just two things that really bother me and I hope will be added to the input options sometime soon. Thank you, keep up the great work and I am so happy this is out now <3 <3 <3

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