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Rencorner.com Recruiting!


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Hey guys!

My name is Rob and I am the owner of Rencorner Networks! We are going to be hosting 5-10 Renegade-X Servers. We are currently looking for some dedicate players that will be active and playing Renegade-X with a level head. Hosting the amount of servers we are going to have is going to require having moderators on at all hours. If you are interested please feel free to apply on our forums:


Rencorner also hosts servers in Renegade, Minecraft, Killing Floor, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Team Fortress 2. Look forward to playing with you guys soon!

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Hey Volcom, could you tell us a bit about the intention/background of the server/community for those of us that don't know? Do you plan on modding the servers you host? Or maybe a mix of vanilla/modded to provide something for everyone?

I like that you mention putting up EU servers as that's something I could get behind and if I were to apply would probably lean toward. I notice you have various clan forum's does this mean there will be no RenCorner competitive team? Or is H2O (as an example) a part of RenCorner?

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Rencorner hosted renegade servers. H2O is a clan that was one of (if not the) best clans in renegade clanwar history. The renegade server is modded, but so is every public server to a degree. Rencorner has a strange history that I assume they wish to leave in the past (moving forward).

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Sure! Rencorner is an online gaming community that started off in Renegade. We are currently one of three still populated servers in Renegade. We have a dedicated team of developers and coders that have made many modifications to Renegade server side, everywhere from custom crates to extended ranking ladders. We currently have two Renegade servers up: Marathon (No time limit), and a Snipe server. We also host a 1000 slot minecraft server that consists of nine servers linked together. We have Hunger Games, SkyBlock, Survival, Factions, Towny, Creative, Zombies, Minigames, and our Hub server. A little later on we found Killing Floor and currently host 5 servers for it which are all quite popular. We have a dedicated mod team and a group of developers for each game. Each Game has its own Admin who takes care of the daily taks as well as Senior Moderators, Moderators, Half Mods, and Temp Mods. Rencorner currently has over 800 registered members and active and friendly staff for each game. We are always looking for new players and new staff to help ensure our servers run smoothly.

Yes, we do intend to provide some modded servers to provide a bit of variety. To start we are thinking of an infantry only server and probably a server with a much extended time to simulate Marathon. As we are just coming into the game we can't provide extremely modded servers right off the start. So we will try to Marathon and Infantry Only servers to start. We also will have different player limits for each of our servers to help accommodate the players that like big and small games.

Yea we are looking at European server boxes atm. It is definitely likely it will be put up :)

Basically we treat Rencorner as a community not a clan. We provide the clan forums for clans within our community to help prevent separation and keep everyone together. That being said we do actively participate in Community Wars vs. other communities. The clans all come together to represent Rencorner in those situations.

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I've seen many people talk about Rencorner here, yet I don't remember Rencorner at all when I played Renegade.

What years were you guys active? Because I remember many popular servers like Jelly, noobstories, noobless, Storm, and Atomix.

What playername did the server have (e.g. A000)? Perhaps it was too far down the list and I simply never saw it.

I'm sure Rencorner will be successful in Renegade X and I thank you for supporting this game by hosting many servers.

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