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  • Totem Arts Staff

In our first ingame preview, we had shown off our map Field to you all. It was a nearly-completed work in progress, so we took your suggestions and finished the map. Created completely by Havoc89.

Map Description: Tiberium is not the only valuable resource in the world. In this remote region, one of the last active mining facilities remains. Plagued by the exposure of Tiberium, this facility is at risk. As Nod forces rush into the area to collect what's left, GDI forces erect a base to hault Nod mining operations.

The tunnels will look and feel like a mine, as some of you may have noticed in our previous video.

*note click on the large images for a nice side by side comparison (Thanks Titan!)



newfield240xu6.th.jpg newfield241rm5.th.jpg newfield242la8.th.jpg newfield243xa6.th.jpg newfield244vr6.th.jpg

Hope you all like it!

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Actually our barn is going to be a bit more lively than just an empty room. As you may have read in the description, the setting of the map is an abandoned mine, so we're gonna have a small basement with mining equipment and stuff there. There's also a fireplace down there.

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  • 2 weeks later...

This is really cool, but I don't recall this map being nighttime.

Sometimes I would catch the shimmer of a stealth infantry running around the outer rim and I would run him over just before he planted his c4. Seems this would favor infantry more than the original map.

Looks great.

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