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  • Totem Arts Staff

From the C&C Reborn forums:

According to Game Informer, the C&C FPS, "Tiberium", is to be set 11 years after the end of the 3rd tiberium war. You'll play Ricardo Vega, a Used-to-be- retired GDI field commander. I'm not going to rewrite the article, so just think of it as GRAW + Battlefield + R6: Vegas in the C&C Universe. So far, you'll be leading a R.A.I.D (Rapid Assault and Intercept Deployment) around the location of the tower in the Mediterranean Red Zone that NOD defended until it was built. There's no mentioning of you fighting NOD, but you will be fighting new Scrin infantry (the two given were Shrikes, little knee-high robots with blasters an a self-destruct, and Archons, think Scrin versions of Elites from Halo)

The units that were announced that you could command were standard infantry squads, missile infantry squads, a fugly version of the Titan, and new Orcas. You'll still get special powers, like an "Orbital Slug" that you can call upon your foes.

In any case, go read it, it's real. The C&C FPS has arrived!


I have to say this: OMFG![/b]

As much as I'd excited for a C&C FPS, I think putting "Battlefield" or "GRAW" gameplay is a disgrace to C&C mode. One of the main reasons why C&C mode was so fun in Renegade was because it was different from these games that are completely based on realism. Battlefield 2 and such games are dying way faster than Renegade is, because they're slow paced games.

Ren's gameplay was very brilliant, it just wasn't recognized, and thats what were doing for Ren07.

That kind of gameplay is just so intense. Especially when both teams are collaborating. A match can last for 3 hours, and you wouldn't even notice that time just flew by. Also most FPS games now a days are based wayy to much on realism, so having a more arcadish gameplay feels a bit fresh even though it has been done. A player wants to be able to go out on the field and to some damage, rather than go out, get hit by one bullet and die. That just becomes annoying

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  • Totem Arts Staff

I'm sure they will add a C&C mode, but what made Ren special wasn't just C&C mode, it was the little things like having beacons instead of superweapons used anywhere, having fast paced gameplay rather than slow-paced realism, MCTs, timed c4 for every infantry, etc.

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this could be good or bad.

yer as a big battlefield fan i hope they stay way from it. BF2 was fun at the beginning but had no real longevity.

hope EA stays away from that style lest this become another minor BF2 expansion set in the future.

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I've been thinking about this, and i don't know if it will be a big hit or not, but at least it will hopefully offer a good modding engine

But regardless of my opinions of the game, i will buy it because of the C&C title tongue.gif

And titans right a lot of games are moving towards consoles these days and then later ported to PC.... i hate PC ported games they dont feel right.

anyway we will have to wait and see.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Obviously it wasn't a big success, it was never even advertised and it was released by EA at the same time as MoH: AA, which was advertised like mad at the time Renegade was released. Heck, Renegade even came with a MoH: AA demo.

EA also dropped support of it after the Westwood employees were fired off, so all of the promises (to fix the bugs, to release new maps with new features, and to make a sequel) were trashed.

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Yeah poor Westwood, If renegade had of got good media attention back then, i have no doubt that it would of been really Big. I didn't even know there was a renegade until i saw 1 copy on the shop shelf, thats how much information about it we got over here.

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Originally posted by Trooper

This FPS won't have a C&C Mode in its multi-player (http://forums.ea.com/mboards/thread.jspa?threadID=318190&tstart=0)

sign this petition if you want it in there! http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/cncmodeplease

If your uncomfortable with the info it asks you to put, just fake it. It only lets you sign once per IP anyway...

I sign, although it isn't stated anywhere exactly that it ISN'T gonna have a C&C mode, in fact very little is told about the MP part of the game

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This quote taken from Apoc himself:

"-No C&C mode in MP...this is an FPS-Tactical shooter with squads and such, this will be explained in depth plenty more starting next month. Again, there are direct reasons for this. You are thinking about this like Renegade, that would be incorrect to do."

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  • Totem Arts Staff

I've posted the same thread on the Renegade Forums a few days ago, and Apoc had made some replies in that thread.

I think as more information emerges, the more people realize they want a new Renegade and not a new Battlefield.

Here were some quotes found in that thread

Even if we lose this fight with EA, we always have another gem, Renegade 2007.[/b]
Renegade 2007

They're not God

...but they're a close second![/b]

By reading this article, currently I have more hope in Renegade 2007 gameplay than Tiberium.[/b]
More reason to support Renegade 2007; our only remaining shining hope.[/b]

Titan summed it up the best in his two posts:

Hi Apoc, we exchanged a couple of emails about a year ago, concerning Renegade. I ask you, could you please show that document to the current development team?

If there is still time to kick around ideas on advancing/modifying Renegades C&C mode to appeal to a console and PC crowd, Then I have quite a few of them. Ive set forth plans for Renegade 2007 which involves going from a "vanilla" version of renegade, to enhancing it with elements modern day gamers feel is the "standard" and going beyond that with some of my own ideas, Im not going to give everything away here, but if there is time, contact me.

When you mention GoW and Halo etc. and say it's the "standard", I think building on something more unique (C&C mode) and thinking outside the box is much more appealing and has a better chance to compete with these present day hits. Mixing the current standards with a unique gamemode not seen in any other game since 2002 would be something you should consider. Gamers want something fresh and new, maybe all of us here have had a taste of this before, but this game was overlooked by many now older gamers and was missed by many of the younger now current generation of players and I'm positive you'll return a very,very large percentage of people who had or still play Renegade.

C&C mode can be improved and advanced, but you'll need to keep the core gameplay intact.

Overall I'm happy with the attempt by EALA to bring us another C&C FPS. Not everyone will be happy no matter what, but please consider giving C&C mode another chance, if not, release some kick ass mod tools with it, so we the community can prove how much of a hit C&C mode CAN be.

If you can, drop a *hint* on what engine this is being developed on. Wink

> As for the magazine scan above... it's what we all sort of feared, at least I fear that type of gameplay, I know Renegade was a lot more fun then just moving from point A to B to capture "fissures". Im not saying that it will be the same ol' bland game style as those other "node" capturing games, but I'm starting to get a rough idea that it will be similar, I will continue to follow where C&C:Tiberium goes in the coming months, and hope to see some suprises.[/b]

Well, there goes my post about kicking around ideas. What I dont get is why these projects are kept secret for so long? Maybe if this news was released to the community 2 years ago, the feedback on what the actual "players" and consumers want, could of atleast been taken into consideration. Now we have a game thats been planned out and has pretty much determined it's main gameplay. Sure a few tweaks can be made, but why does your boss send you out so late for feedback?

If I was you Apoc, I'd be asking him that same question, in your line of work it would help to gather any ideas and thoughts alot earlier on. Your job seems to be involved on breaking the news and hearing the backlash. Something I wouldn't enjoy doing, and I feel for ya. In the future, maybe "leak" a little something out before hand.

ohhh wait, im sure most of us here remember that odd post someone found months ago about a C&C FPS, and we all speculated on that...maybe EA was watching some of the comments about that article??[/b]

And it is now official that "Tiberium" is not a C&C game, but rather a new franchise/brand of EALA games.

Before hundreds of thousands of people explode this topic, please know that we will be explaining this new franchise, Tiberium, its connections to the Command & Conquer universe in the story, units, GDI, Nod, the Scrin, etc...in the coming months.

As we said in the press release, this is the birth of a new franchise set in what we call the Tiberium universe. Whether you are confused or unable to comprehend just yet, do not worry!

These forums are not meant to be under the official C&C forums. Those are RTS forums, this is FPS-Tactical.[/b]

It is now official that Tiberium will not be receiving a C&C Mode, as Apoc says:

No C&C mode in MP...this is an FPS-Tactical shooter with squads and such, this will be explained in depth plenty more starting next month. Again, there are direct reasons for this. You are thinking about this like Renegade, that would be incorrect to do.[/b]
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  • Totem Arts Staff

New Support from the Renegade Community:

As much as I am heartbroken and saddened by the recent turn of events, it is plainly obvious as to what, atleast to me, the next step should be: to provide all the support and backing behind Renegade 2007.[/b]

That news of no C&C mode has killed the dream of this FPS being anything other than generic. I can bet that Renegade will still last longer than this game. Back to modding then :\

Also Titan1x77 and [NE]Fobby[GEN] are the ones to be looking at now for a true C&C FPS multiplayer experience. Their mod is going to bring much joy to anyone who has ever wielded a repair gun.[/b]

<3 the ren2007 team [/b]
Looks like we will just have to turn to the modding community and to mods like Reborn, APB, AR, REN2007 and so on...[/b]

Yeah, this new FPS is a Battlefield/Halo spinoff. Don't worry, all you need is Renegade 2007.[/b]

I agree, Ren07 is a result of people loving renegade's multplayer enough to recreate the whole game on a current gen level.[/b]

I hope this recent surge in Renegade 2007 support proves EA that the Community is loyalty to a C&C-mode FPS. We're just a mod, if EA could do something similar to what we, Reborn, AR, and APB are doing, they'd end up very successful.

I'd love to have a dialog with Apoc about this issue. It just seems as if they have given up on the Renegade Community for the second time.

Apoc, if you're reading this, we wish the best luck for your team to make the right decision. But at the moment, most of us are disappointed with the "no C&C mode" policy for this new franchise of FPS games.

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Originally posted by [NE

Fobby[GEN]]We're just a mod, if EA could do something similar to what we, Reborn, AR, and APB are doing, they'd end up very successful.

yeah and they EA actually should be able to do it even better than any mod as they can make there own engine or at least have access to the source code, a thing the mods don't
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Hello Renegade 2007 team!

First, thank you for your great efforts and commitment to Renegade 2007! I am very impressed by the amount of work done here and most of all, the professionalism and experience that reflects in the members of your team and their work.

It is plainly obvious that C&C Renegade needs a much needed update made in a suitable next generation engine.

I just wanted to say that I was a little disappointed at EA abandoning Renegade's unique gameplay like that. Anyway, I think only time will tell if they made a right decision or not.

What I think EA is doing with this new FPS Tiberium is that it seems to be aimed at a newer generation of graphics-frenzy gamers who would play a game as long as it has good graphics and big nice guns and good explosions.

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Fobby, I remember you posting somewhere that you contacted Apoc recently and he had forgotten who you where. However I can't find the post to quote it.

But anyway, I was thinking, EA gave you guys their approval of this mod while Predator was the community manage (during that stupid Apoc stunt)(Yes obviously Apoc and Pred are the same person)

However, you don't suppose Apoc was just saying he had forgotten or didn't know about it because he wasn't the "person" to approve it? You know just playing innocent to make that entire Predator stunt "believable."

Just a thought.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Well they had posted on our forum, as well as the EA Forum (on a thread named RENEGADE 2007) about them supporting the mod. They had also posted on a CNC Den thread, the day before CnC Den switched it server.

Apoc's also expressed how Microsoft C&D'ing Halogen was unfair and stupid. He's also said many times that for mods, the sky is our limit, just as long as we do not make any money off of them.

So from all of this, I'd expect them not to pull us down. Otherwise they're in a lot of trouble.

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No C&C mode in MP...this is an FPS-Tactical shooter with squads and such, this will be explained in depth plenty more starting next month. Again, there are direct reasons for this. You are thinking about this like Renegade, that would be incorrect to do.

Could it be possible to get a link to where exactly this quote is taken from, I need in a "argument" I have with OWA on the APB forums

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