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Renegade 2007 Rename Thread


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  • Totem Arts Staff

You listened to the podcast.

Here is our list of suggestions:

Renegade Wars

Renegade Awakened

C&C Commando

Renegade Today

Renegade Saga

Renegade Warzone

Renegade: Ground Zero

Renegade Again

Renegade 2008

Renegade Mayhem

Renegade Onslaught

Renegade Theory

Renegade Assault

Renegade Extermination (you know our motto, "were gonna kill renegade") Razz

Renegade Reborn... lol...

Generation Renegade (lol)

Renegade Continuance

Renegade Era

Or, a very popular opinion among us, we can stick with Renegade 2007.

What do you all think?

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Renegade Evolution

Renegade v2.0

Renegade Divergence

Renegade Metamorphosis

Renegade Rebellion

Renegade Revision

Renegade Defection

Renegade Unborn (Not trying to be funny)

Renegade Ulterior

Renegade Ultimate (or some other form of the word)

Or maybe use a Thesaurus and replace the word Renegade all together.

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Originally posted by Mighty BOB!

Could we possibly stray away from the "Renegade Re-something" names? tongue.gif

It isn't my fault that most of the words I find start with an R...

I'm trying not to use R, but I can't help it.. :\

I was thinking about new names without the "Renegade" part, but then people wouldn't realize what the mod is about first hand.

C&C Commando is good, but people won't know it is a Renegade mod right off the bat. They would probably think it is some generic C&C mod in the UT3 engine based around the commando.

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Originally posted by CarrierII

Having now finished listening to the podcast, I must now change my vote to

Renegade 3

That way, EA have to release Renegade 2.

Edit - The person who spots why Renegade 3 (The actual reason, not just the random EA have to... thing) will get a cookie.

Could be because the game it is built in is UT3? now where are my cookie biggrin.gif

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  • Former Developers

lol... definatly that reason!

anyways I absolutely love Renegade 2007. It just sounds perfect to me.

If i were to pick a new name. It'd be Renegade Awakening, or Renegade Onslaught. Or Renegade Extermination! (lawl) You guys want to know what our motto is? its: We're gonna kill renegade! So it ties in really well with Renegade Extermination tongue.gif

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off the top of my head

renegade subsequent

renegade overdue

i think renegade2007 is fine but I also see that it can make it maybe look odd for those who don't know why it is 2007.

Yer its properly better to have renegade in the name to directly tie it to renegade but with enough advertising that wont be a problem

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I totally agree the name does need changing.

I'll play it, even if you called it "Jane goes shopping for pet food and socks" but I'll have a tougher time getting my gaming friends to play it if it's called "Renegade 2007" and doesn't sound current.

My suggestions:

Renegade 08

Renegade 3

Renegade Reborn


Renegade Commando

^^IMO, any of those would be better than Renegade 2007

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