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Top 5 Games of All Time


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Ok, in no particular order;

1: Renegade. Liek duh...

2: Star Wars - Republic Commando. If Renegade had this level of quality in it's single player, I would never have stopped playing. smile.gif

3: Age Of Empires 3. As much as I despise MS, this is quite a lot of fun, especially when you've got two brothers, enough PCs and plenty of time.

4: Starcraft. Well, I think we all know what SC is, probably the only game with a 10K game count, after almost 10 years. Wow. Is also a lot of fun doing team melee with elder brother, we're getting too good. smile.gif

5: Unreal Tournament (Pick a version, any version...) Fast and fun. I'm the best out of all my brothers, must be all the Renegade I get in. smile.gif


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I new to forum so don't make fun of me this is my first post

But I gotta go with

1:Halo 3(Best Game ever it wicked)

2:Twilight Princess (sorry Renegade)

3:CNC 3(love then cut scenes)

4:Metriod Prime 3(Good graphics Wii)

5:Half life 2(love the cinematics)

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1. C&C Tiberian Dawn

2. Starcraft

3. Ultima Online

4. Everquest 1

5. Renegade

I almost put counter strike instead of renegade, but I think in the long run renegade ended up being more enjoyable. I am a bit reluctant to pick the newer games like C&C3 etc, simply because they have not had to endure the "test of time". Games today are built to sell and replace, they are not designed to last a long time.

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