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JeepRubiMod 0.1


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Fun little mod I'm working on, I plan to keep adding to it, bt for now the only new content is new tiberium by Sloth, modified and implemented my me, and New colours to choose from as well as a new tech tree and shroud.

Check it out at: http://files.filefront.com/JeepRubiModrar/...;/fileinfo.html

Post any (constructive) comments or suggestions of what you would like to see in version 0.2 here and I'll look into it.

[ninja edit by BOB] It's for Tiberium Wars.




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You messed something up pretty good. tongue.gif

GDI can't build Tech Centers at all and the Scrin faction is entirely disabled.

Also the Tiberium is unselectable which means you can't order your harvesters to harvest it. They'll only auto-harvest when you build a Ref or a new Harv.

Also the color black doesn't show up on the ground control for deploying new buildings. Although it does show up for unit icons.

Nice shroud.

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Originally posted by [NE


Don't be (colour) black if you want to see ground control, and vehicles in c&c3 always did that.

If you read that without the word "colour' you will get a funny sentence[/b]

i dunno if it would be a funny sentence... :roll:

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It looks absolutely phenominal and I sincerely can't wait until it's done, but...why "JeepRubiMod"? Why not call it "Tiberium Wars Renegade Mod" or something similar? "Retro Renegade"... "Tiberian Dawn Wars"... "I Put Renegade Units Into Tiberium Wars Mod"... ...well, okay, maybe not that last one...

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Any1 know where to install it under Vista? =D its completely different and I cant find where it goes :angry:

Nvm.....Folder seem to have magically appear in my Documents folder >_> it wasn't there before and I had already enables show hidden files.

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