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Hi some Q's


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Hi i am danny i have being playing renegade for 3 years bst game ever tbh..

i play on cw.cc

1. Do you have to buy ren2007 when it comes out or download?

2. Will my pc beable to play it

PC specs

P4 2,8

512 MB RAM




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This is a mod, you will not need to buy the mod itself, but you will need to buy the gmae it's based off of. (Unreal tournament 3) You will likely need to get some PC upgrades to play Ut3, though our mod's minimum spec's may be a little under that of UT3

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chill guys, 1st of all theres no specs on our homepage for the game...

2nd of all just move the question and answer to the FAQ

3rd of all, this question is specific to his hardware, so its not a question that is generaly answered.

Welcome to the forums Danny!

Your specs are borderline, you'll need another 512 of ram atleast though...i suggest buying 1 gig more.

The rest will be able to play the game on all low settings, with prob a framerate of 15-30 average....You might want to upgrade come next year 2008 or so, UT3 prob wont be out for another 6 months or so....then our mod will be another few months after that.

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We will have a thread for beta testers....once the thread is out, we will decide who can test, and when it comes out, we will only be alpha testing for awhile...most likely with alot of place holders for infantry...all th weapons should be done, but we cant release a beta to the public with placeholders.

So hang in there for a public beta.

September seems great, but im thinking epic wont be ready until the winter, lets keep our fingers crossed.

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