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I can help with level designing


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Sounds good, just get into some level designing once UT3 is available and you get your hands on the latest Ued.

You'll most likely be working with the terrain editor alot....show some of your work to us at that time, and we can talk about some levels for our mod.

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ok....i have some screenshots a map where i try to make my school:



i know it's not that impressive, seeing what you are doing, but i'll learn i hope.


but if neccesarry i could make a exersise map for you.[/img]

edit: i've got Ued 2.0 and 3.0 and the SS came from Ued2.0 and i have Google sketchup, if u like some work of that , i can show it.

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because of school (last two weeks are lasting...so i have to do something) i can't be much behind the PC but i made some paperwork with some concepts...i can five you some names and description:

- CnC_CnC_Opportunity, this will be a BIG map (GDI Vs Nod) with AS/WF, BAR/HON , OB/AGT , PP(both) , some turrets/guard towers , REF , silo , and ACC(advanced comminucations center).... a big bridge will appear , 2 forrests , some tunnelcraft....so....lots of ways to conquer biggrin.gif....(i could scan my drawings....)

- CnC_CnC_StrangeTunnelLove , this will be an easy but a funny one, all basic buildings will appear, + One ConYard, with will be captureable and provide autorepair and a tunnel connection between both bases, so, ALL buildings will be connected.

- CnC_CnC_Bathroom(A-Snipers-Heaven)-Revisited, this is a map of Unreal tournament but i think i can Remix it to a CnC playground biggrin.gif building will be

just scattered around , all buildings will have ceilingguns (inside) and/or turrets (outside).....

- CnC_CnC_FacingWorlds-Revisited, when mixing original UT maps, this one HAS to be Commanded and Conquered too.... :roll:

and in my drawings....u can see it will have hourglass-like hillfights.....i hope u enjoy just my concepts already.....


I Bumbed onto a problem, wich is , i can't get Ued4.0 :S... i try to DL roboblits or robohordes(demo)....but i can't get it installed....any suggestions?....

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Suggestion about those maps, we're trying to conserve Renegade's original gameplay, so our custom maps are actually planned to be quite similar. We don't want really big maps because they tend to lose gameplay, even in a big server.

CnC Bathroom would sound like a good snipers-only map... Ren had a few good ones.

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okay....but all aps will not be larger than Mutation Redux, and if you ask me.....The U3 engine earns a tribute....and i think i'll upload the Concepts of mine so you can see what i mean tongue.gifsmile.gif EDIT: and i always wanted to make renmaps....and now it can with an more easy to handle mapeditor....but first i need a better PC.....sleep.gif"

I was drawing one of my map concepts and it turned like this(Chaotic but still...) here it is:


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