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0.55 Full Changelist


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Renegade X - v0.55 Beta Release

=============Renegade X v0.55 Beta=============

Name: RenegadeX_Beta_v055.exe

Size: 616mb

Date: 30/09/2010


This is the official final Major beta release for the Unreal Tournament 3 version of the total conversion mod "Renegade X" that is recreating Command and Conquer Renegade and improving upon what made the game so great.



- Added GDI Sydney (Personal Ion Cannon)

- Added GDI Mobius

- Added GDI Hotwire

- Fixed SBH Cloaking being shared


- Added Complex

- Field has new lighting

- Horologe has new lighting

- All maps except "Islands" have boundaries for Air Units

- Walls has new lighting

Purchase Terminals:

- Added purchase icons for new characters

- Added Preview images for new characters

- Preview image for all purchase items are now present

- Added item description for new characters


- GDI Humvee steer speed reduced

- Nod Buggy steer speed reduced

- MRLS missiles turn radius increased

- Stealth Tank missile turn radius increased


- New Temporary Sniper rifle

- New Temporary Railgun

- Volt Auto Rifle textured

- Railgun, PIC, Laser Rifle, Automatic Rifle, Chaingun range reduced

- Nuclear Explosion added

- Super weapons now damage infantries and vehicles

- Shotgun accuracy improved

- Grenade Launcher's alt fire fixed

- Rocket Officer missiles can lock on to targets

- Added new Sniper Scope texture

Server Client:

- Server Browser back online

- Removed ModDB Vote page

- Added dynamic Map Cycle List


- Main Menu Background changed

- Added various community mutators

===============HOW TO Install=================

1) UnInstall any previous versions of Renegade X and Remove the "Renegade" folder (Skip this step if you don't have it installed)

2) Install Renegade X 0.55 beta to "C:\Users\\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\Renegade"

=================HOW TO Run===================

Run the Renegade-X.exe found in the root mod installation folder. This will launch the Renegade-X frontend system that allows you to either launch the mod or join a server.

By selecting a server you wish to join in the frontend application, and pressing the "Join Server" button, the mod will automatically launch and connect to the server you wish to join. If you are having difficulties with the frontend system, please make sure you have version 3.5 or higher of ".NET" installed as it is required to run this application. If you are continuing to have difficulties, then please state the problem on our forums at http://www.renegade-x.com/Forums/ and we will assist as fast as we can.

In the frontend application; press the "Start (Offline) Game" button to launch the mod where you will have the option to play the mod by yourself through "Instant Action" or configure your settings. Note, at the moment we have not yet established the ingame multiplayer server list to show the servers that are avaliable, and must use the frontend to join them. However you are able to join the servers by launching the console in the main menu by hitting F10 and typing in the Open IP command. Simply type the word "Open" followed by a space, and the IP of the server with the port you wish to join, and hit enter.

To Launch the editor simply go to the Editor tab in the Frontend program, and click on the "Start Editor" Button. You also have the option to start a map from launch so that a map will automatically load when you click the launch button. Note, maps for Renegade X cannot be cooked due to the current system. In the future maps will be able to be cooked.

Thank you and enjoy the mod.

- Renegade X Development Team

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