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As you guys may have noticed, Yes! we have in fact updated our forums to Vbulletin.

This will allow future upgrades and features to be added to the site that will benefit us on the back end of things. Along with you, The Community!

Stay tuned for updates and a rocking new website!


-Ninja edit by MightyBOB- As you may have noticed, there are plenty of bugs that come with transferring a forum database from IPB to vbulletin. For example, the img BBCode tags not working in signatures (that one should be fixed now, test it out).

We are currently in the process of fixing all the bugs we can find (like usergroup permission problems). Keep reporting them in this thread in case we overlook some! (Also it would be nice if you would report if the problem becomes fixed.)

If you're reading this and can't log in, see this thread:


You need to Reset your password.

There is also a chance that the script turned off your PM system, so make sure to go into your profile settings and give them a good look over.

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We do apologize for some of the small inconveniences. Unfortunately with migrations from forum software to software is never perfect and doesn't carry over settings and configurations. So we have to see what issues are going on, and then make the configuration adjustments.

Please continue to report any forum issues if you have them.

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I never got an email either, in neither my in-box, nor my spam box. However, I was still able to reset my password by attempting to log in and clicking the 'forgot password' link.

That is what you are suppose to do, reset the password by doing "forgot password" process.

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Fobby[GEN]]We did everything in our reasonable power to notify everyone, by sending a mass email via the forums. Tsu, is it possible you signed up with a different address? Either way, these things happen and it's really no one's fault.
I wasn't blaming anyone. I was just saying that not everyone got such an email, just for your edification.
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I really love the new forum skin, the best forum skin I've ever seen tbh.

Just 1 thing that annoys me (I know my explanation sux :P ):

When you have watched a thread with a new post, and go back to the forum from there, you still see, for example, the News thread still red(newpost)....To get it black(no-newpost), you have to click News and then go back to forum page, then it's fixxed...

Is it possible to fix that, that it shows there's no new post in the thread, when you've already watched it but didn't go back into News again?

Hope u understand what I mean.

Thanks in advance

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