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CNCNZ interviews Renegade X


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  • Totem Arts Staff

Now that Operation Black Dawn has been announced, the popular Command & Conquer news site CNCNZ has posted an interview today with Renegade X founder Fobby. The interview shares some exclusive details about Black Dawn, and further discusses Renegade X's standalone multiplayer release, the UDK, the mod in the public eye, new features and more.

CNCNZ: How are the technical aspects of incorporating the Unreal UDK going?

Fobby: Porting Renegade X to the UDK is, in some ways, like starting anew. A few aspects of the mod are being redone completely for the next version, while other aspects simply require a smooth transition.

For example, many static meshes (props, textures, etc.) were used from UT3 are nonexistent in the UDK, which requires us to recreate them. Part of what must also be redone is the code - we've created a much more organized coding structure this time around for the coming multiplayer release, and have concluded that it would be easier to redo parts of the code instead of transferring, fixing, and reorganizing old code. Both basic and complex features are being recoded.

All in all, I believe we are on track, and now that some of our core members are done with university and college for the year (or finishing up school soon), I expect the team to power through the summer with fascinating results. Just you wait.[/b]

Check out the full, detailed interview here!

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I don't mind that Fobby has posted about this here so early, because technically the interview is a work in progress, we haven't even announced this on our own site yet ;) The final revision of the entire article was only uploaded about an hour ago. But it was only a minor edit.

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