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Will you be buying C&C4?


Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight  

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  1. 1. Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight

    • Yes, I pre-ordered it
    • Yes, on its release day
    • Yes, after a price drop
    • Depends on the reviews
    • No, I will not buy C&C4

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I want to buy it just because I want to see what all the fuss is about.

I love base-building, so I'm intrigued to see what they could have possibly put in that could replace that in terms of gameplay.

I also get double reward points on my GAME loyalty card and a staff 20% discount - so nothing to lose.

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I haven't bought Kanes Wrath, I haven't bought RA3 and I will not buy C&C 4.In addition I wish I could undo my purchase of C&C 3.

I really played the beta for ~two weeks and I would say it is something for in between during LANs. Oooops I forgot it has no LAN mode and some kind of crappy DRM. Too bad. No I don't like it. I don't like the cartoon* unit design, I don't like the casual action RTS style and it has no long term motivation (I got bored after two weeks playing it). I don't know the story or the ending of C&C 4 but in my eyes it develops in the wrong direction and this started already with C&C 3. So I'm not even interested in the ending. Furthermore the copy protection would be a sole reason for me not to buy C&C 4.

Anyway I have no money for full price games. Old low price games only.

Could we just call it "4" and skip the "C&C" in front of the number when we talk about it here? This is no C&C.

(*dont understand me wrong I have nothing against cartoon style games like XIII with cell shading or cartoon proportions like in RA2/3 but not for the Tiberium universe)

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I'll get it eventually. The multiplayer aspect is horrible because of the lack of economy and human vs human interface. It has more potential to be fun as a single player game because other people wont use all the ways to create free units to ruin the game.

I've realized that the only reason why the multiplayer is so bad is because there is no economy. No credits to spend and earn. And in turn that ruins the flow of the game. If there were credits to earn and units (as well as respawning crawlers) cost money, then the game would be sooooooooooooooo much more fun that it isn't even funny.

The lack of base building is not a bad aspect to the game because it's explainable and it makes sense according to the story. The only things that aren't explainable are:

-Lack of economy

-Friendly, non-harmful, flying Tiberium from the sky.

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First Impressions:

Unintuitive -- In C&C 1+2 I knew med tank > light tank. In C&C4 You're faced with hundreds of units called "wolf" "hunter" "sheppard". And they're only good against 1 specific class.

Unexplained -- its never really explained how to play it... I still get what nodes are for..., C&C 1+2 were awesome. Don't fix whats not broken?

Uninteresting -- gameplay is rather dry and reptative. Build. Shoot. Build. Shoot. No economy, base defences, harvesting, power plants FTL.

Unlike -- This is not C&C. The units don't resemble previous iterations. The gameplay isn't similar. The style isn't the same. The sounds aren't the same (where's my "argghh!" as my harvester runs over a soldier?)

Unstable -- It crashes and closes every first boot after turning my PC on. Second load it starts working.

Untrusting -- It wont store my login details, even though this is my private PC. The always-on connection is annoying too. It sometimes reminds to check my internet connection. My internet is working fine, thank you. Also, how am I supposed to easily check it without exiting the game? Alt+Tab simply slows down trying to look at my network settings.

Uncompressed -- Seriously? 10GB for this?!

Inconsistent -- framerates can be fine on one level, bad on another. Sometimes just ONE extra unit drops fps from smooth to stuttery. FMVs stutter, even on my PC (which runs Crysis on HIGH).

Intrusive -- EA download manager tries to download as soon as I log in to Windows - eats all my CPU and slows my booting up.

Those are first impressions. So far, nothing about this game has gripped me. I'll give it time.

Sam Bass Ass needs taking out back and shooting.

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