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Modeling and texturing tools...

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I think XSI Mod tool is free and quite easy to use. Blender is free too but when I tried it, it was just way too weird to get used to but it is told to be powerful modelling tool...

And I use PhotoFiltre as my basic image editing program. Nothing that fancy, more like extended and boosted up paint but it's good for basic things. I guess it could work for basic texturing too but at least it would require more work. (Ps. Later version of PhotoFiltre aren't free anymore.)

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Its a little-known fact but almost all major 3D programs have a free version available:-

As mentioned, GMax is a little outdated, but it comes with all the necessary tools that Max still has (except the Graphite tools) as Max from Gmax up until 2010 didn't see huge modelling updates. It is no longer updated but is still downloadable. GMax is a cut-down 3DS Max r5.

XSI Mod Tool is the same thing, but more up-to-date. Free, too.

Maya Personal Learning Edition is a free version of Maya with watermarks and file-type saving restrictions, same thing though.

Blender is also free.

3DS Max etc all come with 30-day trials anyway, so the full program is free for 30 days anyway.

So thats Max, XSI and Maya that all have FREE versions designed to be perfect for learning and modding with.

As for 2D, GIMP is a unix-based (windows compatible) 2D program designed to do what Photoshop does. Same job but a different UI and a few different features (although I'd get PS when you can, there's no permenant substitute).

Interesting note:- GMax was the offical editing tool for Renegade.

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QUOTE (Mr. Weedy @ Sep 12 2009, 08:06 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

Google SketchUp... This name just crossed my mind.

I don't know is it really a hardcore 3D modeller but at least you can draw 3D images in it.


Oh... You can actually make 3D models in it. But still, I haven't tested it and I don't know how good it is.[/b]

To be honest I think that Google sketch up is just as professional as Photoshop or 3Ds Max. Why?. Just look at the price.
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