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Renegade No No's


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I was watching Renegade videos on youtube and i was watching something called Harvester Walking in which a SBH has the enemy harvester between him and the guard tower to gain access into their base. Reading comments, i learn that doing that is frowned upon. I was wonderer what other things are deemed that way in renegade since i'm a noob. :P

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  • Totem Arts Staff

I used to be pretty involved in clanwars, and most that I had been involved in had some very specific rules, but "no harvester walking" was not one of them. It may be deemed cheap, but it is a legitimate strategy that does not involve cheats or glitches in any way.

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There are several glitches and bugs in the game that I defenitely want out. But Harvy walking is just about the only stragetic that uses a rather indirect bug (as long as the AGT can't see you directly it will not fire) but is very easily to counter. It requires some amount of skill and patience to pull it off and even then you can easily be shot down after you plant your beacon do to having no backup. Whereas other stragetics, like refhopping, is almost impossible to counter once an enemy places his beacon, and it was defenitely never, ever intended for anyone to get up there.

Yours sincerely,


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Harvester walking is completely legit.

I was around when it first started showing up and people were amazed at how the SBH could have gotten to the back of the GDI Refinery when the AGT and PP were still up.

It's a great tactic and the only people who hate on it are mostly noobs. Harvester walking is easily countered by spraying a few bullets on the side of the Harvester when it comes near your Power Plant.

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In a match last night i was an SBH and during a major tank rush i ran into the GDI factory garage and placed a beacon before i was killed by a purchased APC, the match was over before the nuke came so i don't know if when i place it, does it disappears when the garage door closes or thats not allowed due GDI not able to get in there.

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QUOTE (An4x1madr0s @ Aug 17 2009, 10:59 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
it is allowed , they can u know , not buy a vehicle when they find it there :P

Oh , and it's not a Garage <_< it's a Nano-assembly! ;) [/b]

Always looked more like teleportation to me :)
Which incidently might explain why tanks can blow up when they are in there/next to the bay
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Not really, it's perfectly legit to do this as I'd imagine people do this in REAL life battles. ie: walking beside/behind an enemy vehicle. The only thing the harvester doesn't use is it's rearview mirrors ;)

Woah, a little wild tangent there. :P

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Extracts from the command and conquer 95 strategy guide :

Tiberium allows for the creation of new items practically instantaneously (compared to previous fabrication methodology) at new beachheads.

The process uses sophisticated Tiberium-inspired engineering combined with the latest computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technology.

In this new kind of warfare, the focus is quality, not quantity, and quality here largely means the ability to deploy small numbers of excellent forces.

Battles are fought in terms of hours, not weeks or years.

This follows directly from the ability to deposit a very small amount of physically relocated items (primarily the MCY, with minimal fire support) that quickly become a larger force via the new Tiberium-inspired micromanufacturing techniques.

This small, crack force can then focus on a seed of enemy aggression before it grows into a large, country-spanning tree, as used to happen back when nations took weeks or months to field a decent counter response.

Tiberium has touched many aspects of human life (for better or worse); one of the spinoffs is this lightweight launch platform with a virtually inexhaustible supply of micromanufacted warheads.'

'the sophisticated apparatus necessary for Tiberium-based warhead replenishment makes the bazooka soldier an easy kill.

In this new military age, every building has a core computer net that controls much of the operation of the facility.

This computer net is required due to the intense combination of Tiberium-inspired construction and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM).

Together, these two technologies are sometimes called micro- or nano-assembly.

The considerable computer capability needed for the nearly instantaneous construction of a building then becomes integrated as the core nerve centre of the facility.

So yes , Nano - Assembly ;)

and to keep on topic :

I once randomly got a sniper walking around as a SBH and was like "hey why not snipe a bit ? :P" once i came to a secluded location i started aiming and a millisecond before i fired , someone blew my brains off with a ramjet half a map away....never bothered sniping again since then <_<

Oh and a Ban no no is to glitch the obelisk on hourglass (like half the team did yesterday by accident [but someone kept doing it and got Permabanned :P]

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QUOTE (An4x1madr0s @ Aug 18 2009, 11:27 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Oh and a Ban no no is to glitch the obelisk on hourglass (like half the team did yesterday by accident [but someone kept doing it and got Permabanned :P][/b]

Ouch, geee, thats the first time I have heard of glitching the obelisk! That must of started after I stopped playing because my comp broke lol
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QUOTE (DXR_13KE @ Aug 19 2009, 09:55 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
How does one glitch the obelisk?

edit: just curious, PM me if you wish.[/b]

Stand behind the rock in the middle of the tiberium field on the hill, where your head just pops above it.
Obelisk will fire, and not hit you.

Don't do it in matchmaking though, as it is really annoying, and you can get banned for it.

Edit: Oh, wow, look at me use the word matchmaking.... >.< That's what I get for writing this at about 12 at night.

I meant online. I have just been playing way too much Halo.... D:
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It always seemed to me that the obelisk had a AOE that extents only to a small area where it hits. But it can't hit infantry directly. Normally it hits the ground and deals the damage, but on Hourglass it can shoot over hill, not hitting anything at all or hitting something behind you, so you are out of the blast radius.

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