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Found 2 results

  1. Latest version date - 7/10/2021 Let me know what needs fixing/added. 1 Tech building located near the centre of the map which is infantry only area Base defenses Crates Aircraft disabled Changes 07/10/2021 closed up a large path near GDI Tib field which gave Nod too much juking advantages is now infantry only removed the track decals, may add them again... when I can do art bettererer. Rollout nodes for GDI and Nod fixed Swapped around Weapons Factory and Barracks and lowered GDI Power Plant, added GDI turrets and Nod Guard towers Lava should almost insta-kill now Map preview image should work now Any bugs or issues please contact me directly VIA discord or IM @TankClash with a screenshot or video and description MINI MAP IS NOT UP TO DATE, yet. Kilauea.7z
  2. Hi guys, While discussing a potential development of RenX towards RTS mode, the idea of using a grid for base building stuck with me. @Schmitzenbergh's feedback on my project C&C Hammerfest was very inspiring. Finally, I got hit by nostalgia of designing levels, outposts and bases for Battlefield 2 / 2142. I guess, this is how I eventually ended up with this idea of a "Base Building Prefab Kit" ... The goal was an easy system which allows to add a more modern military look and more function to the box-standard team bases. In particular, I wanted to make it more attractive and easier for infantry to defend their base. I started with the 3 basic wall systems in C&C Tiberian Dawn: sandbags, chainlink fence, concrete walls. Every element takes 512x512 UT units, i.e. they perfectly align with the 512 grid. Therefore the "sandbags" (or the modern equivalent HESCO barriers) with the grid walkway were adjusted such that infantry is covered when crouching, but can engage when standing. The same walkways were also placed behind the concrete walls and they already align with the thickness of the walls on the top. The sandbags in between the gaps give a more defensive look - moreover, they perfectly smooth the transition between concrete wall and the bunker. To be honest, I never really liked the bunkers in Renegade (X): they do not provide additional cover, quite the contrary, as shells cause splash damage when hitting the interior, they have become a death trap. That's why I added some sandbags and the quad cannons in the "windows" - unfortunately, those are just skeletal meshes, but I hoped that it might be possible to dig out the fully functioning ones from Black Dawn. With the rocket emplacement on top, a bunker would now be a very nasty defensive position. Another addition are fully functioning automatic gates (kismet & sound). The cool thing is, once I fiddled with the proper scaling of the individual static meshes, such as hesco barriers, or the grid-walkways, it was very easy to combine them and create e.g. trenches or helipads. In the background you can also see a mock-up construction yard - I was thinking of adding a kismet animation for the crane. Within minutes you can build forward outposts like this one, which provide strategic value on the battlefield - maybe one could use the capturable MCT-mechanics to spawn vehicles or gun emplacements: And finally another motivation was to balance the style of the stock RenX buildings, e.g. you can only see sandbags (a somewhat temporary defence) on Barracks and Airstrip, and some flying buildings. In line with the idea that in bases in command and conquer are built on the go, I wanted to create some deco prefabs for all buildings, to give a more in-field / outpost-like feeling. This might also add to gameplay, for example some cover next to the doors (sneak & defence), or additional beacon hiding options. So yeah, the final goal is to save all those elements as prefabs (just like the current buildings) so that they can be used in a similarly easy fashion across different levels. I did not yet upload anything, because I was not sure how to split the elements, e.g. the walkways and the sandbags on top of the concrete walls could be saved as separate prefabs... Another problem is that the prefab pivot stays in the centre of all objects. For the grid-usage of the kit it would be better to set the pivot to align with the grid. Especially when loading a Prefab into the level it is usually completely off... Does anyone know how to adjust the prefab pivot / spawn location? I know that I am not re-inventing the wheel here, I just thought it might come in handy. So, please, feel free to give your feedback on this idea of a prefab building kit. What items would you like to have in such a kit? Or do you think it is completely unnecessary endeavour? cheers j0g32
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