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CQC Mod_v1.0.4 1.0.5

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This has been up on the TDM server for awhile, but it's the mutator that aligns headshot damage and base damage on all* infantry weapons. Basically body damage is increased, and headshot damage is 'roughly' the same. Some weapons may do a bit less, or more to the head, though their vehicle damage should be more or less identical. 


The readme should tell you everything you need to know. 

What's New in Version 1.0.5   See changelog





- Fixed the flamethrower's damage on vehicles/buildings




- Lowered the damage from the Tactical Rifle grenade back to 100 instead of 130 so it doesn't OHKO free Kevlar through burn 

- Tac-Rifle no longer applies burns from just the the primary fire explosion 

- Lowered the burn damage on the Tac-rifle primary fire 

- Cut the Tactical rifle's damage radius in half

- Lowered the damage all infantry take from the Tac-Rifle's primary fire explosion (direct hits still do full damage)

Basically nerfed Patch... since he was pretty broken long before this mod even existed. 



- Sightly nerfed Tactical Rifle base damage

- Lowered Mendoza's base damage slightly 

- Bumped up Mobius's headshot damage very slightly 





- Lowered SMG sidearm damages 

- Lowered the Tib flechette gun's damage

- Reverted Ramjet damage 

- Sniper Rifle damage reduced




- Knocked shotgun damage down a bit 

- Fixed units having the wrong pistol 

- Pistol damage reduced slightly 

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