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Hi everyone

I've been following Renegade X for the past six months.

Ever since I herd of the project I've been wanting to help out, but unfortunately because of my course load and working full time i haven't been able to offer any assistance.

I have recently been laid off and surprisingly have very easy courses this semester (thanks to some lazy professors)

I would like to offer help with any vehicles that need to be made or finished



3ds Max 8

Information Technology - Game Design (current student)

Familiarity with UT 2004 engine (haven't touched UT3)

Renegade Fanatic

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I can't salvage anything off my laptop HD so im going to have to make one.

Rather then waste time making a pointless model that will never be used

would you mind telling me a vehicle that hasn't been started yet

This way if everyone likes the model then it can be used for the mod and i can start working on the next one

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oh wow... i don't think the email subscription worked properly... never got an email about replies

ok sounds good... just ordered a new laptop should be here within the next 3 days and then i will start working on the C-130 when i get a chance

oh and i found an ingram that i made 5-6 years ago and im posting just for the heck of it (and bc its the only1 i could find)

i made it in High School (freshman year) with AutoCAD in my drafting class so please excuse the simplicity (even tho the gun is rather simple to begin with)


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