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Mirrors Edge


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Has anyone played mirrors edge? i finished the game the other day, i picked it up started playing and couldn't stop untill i finished it, its a gem of a game like portal.

only regrets is the game isn't very long and the storyline ends abruptly, other than that id say its a fast paced fluid game.

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Well.. what else can you possibly do when running that wasn't covered in the game?

You got your basic walk and run, but then theres:





-Wall running

-Wall climbing

-Wall jumping






-mid-air leg lifting

-Button Pushing (lol)



A bunch of different weapon disarm moves and an entire weapon combat system.

I can't think of anything else that you can do while free running.. other than perhaps swimming.

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Got Mirror's Edge, completed it.

Its at #2 for games I now most hate (#1 is Sonic the Hedgehog, Xbox 360).

Its no "free running" but rather an extremely infuriating platformer from the first person perspective. A game where you spent longer figuring out where to go/dying/getting shot at than actually "running". The firest person pespective in platform games was ruled out years ago, and with good reason (spacial awareness).

Its the game of death, you spend the whole time dying trying to complete one lame jump, even repeating the same manouvers over and over again will yeild new types of suicidal falls to the impecably clean conrete floor.

The First Person view is appauling, you spend half the game turning around from staring lovingly at a wall infront when scaling a pipe, and the red "helpers" are more often than not unhelpful being half the map away.

Combat was pathetic too, you'd press Y whilst the weapon was red and you'd still get owned. Other areas took me some 20 attempts because everytime I walked under the rising door I was shot dead before I even reached the red item to vault off.

I was speaking to my friend about the game, and he agreed totally. The only part I enjoyed was the machine gun at the end - call me a stereotypical FPS'er, but that was for me the only highlight of the game.

I completed the game, hoping through the entire ordeal that I would grow to love it, or that it got better. Boy was I dissapointed. The ending even manage to be a complete a blow-off.

I hate this game. I've completed it, and now its collecting dust never to be opened again. Total waste of time. Hated every moment.

Some people love it, other hate it. Definate "try-before-you-buy".

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It's free running parkour. There are multiple routes in most places. It's a thinking game you need to be able to read the layout of the level quickly on the run, in which the "runner vision" sorta ruins that aspect of the game. If you aren't always thinking, then you will probably end up walking/running, using ladders and dying a lot.

Try disabling the runner vision (the red objects). Everything is intractable, not just the red things. Then try the speed run/time trial courses. That's were most of the fun comes from after the single player.

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QUOTE (maty @ Jan 25 2009, 11:20 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I know there are multiple routes, but it doesn't make it any less of a boring game for me.

I tried the speedruns, but still found it a horrible experience.

Thats me anyway :P.[/b]

But you did not like sonic the hedgehog.... but i did see you said xbox360, i loved sonic 1 &2 and 3, i haven't played anything after that, and from what i have heard i probably wouldn't want to.

Even though you don't like mirrors edge, i can understand what you are saying about it, i find it really enjoyable because its different from most of the other games that are release these days.
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