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i may as well do it here heheh.

Well, I'm a texture artist, I CAN model as well, but personally i don't think i can model at a standard of this AMAZING mod!

Anywho, I specialize in organic textures, this includes faces, creatures, cloths and normal/specular mapping.

I love the look of this mod! heck i just bought unreal tournament off steam just to play this mod when its released!

We'll unfortunately, I cant show any of my work from the past year as its been under contract :( but I can show some of my pre-april 2007 work!





and here's one model heheh


I'm more than happy to do an application test if necessary (hopefully a face to texture, they're my best :) )

Well thats about it really, I wish i could show you my latest work as examples but unfortunately, i cant through contract :(

Thanks again! and good luck with an EPIC MOD!

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Thanks guys!

nearly finished the basic layout, just doing the mouth now!

I'm still yet to make a proper texture for the old boy (this includes normal mapping detials like wrinkles and crows feet)


still trying to get him to look like the origional, which is VERY hard :(

made the clths and berret quickly cus i was bored xD anyway, just trying to do his mouth now, may take a while heheh.


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mmmmmm bouncy boobies

The sad news is, it may be a while before i can do any actual texture or bump mapping work as my copy of mudbox decided to die and now posts a "unknown error has occurred" at everything i do :(

this also means that any detail added in like crows feet and the like will have to wait as well :(

all i can do now really is try and texture it high poly which is quite annoying :(

at the moment, i am trying to make him looks "more like Mendoza"


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um..... man your highpoly... im sorry... is not highpoly enough, you still have a lot more work to do, for most of us your current position is maybe an hour of work.

keep trying and use the tutorial Pr0ex posted about HairFX in the Unreal engine, it makes life eaiser.

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well, thats not so bad since i hit the hour and 20 minutes mark when i posted that screenshot :P

considering i haven't started on any poly details yet (including wrinkles or ANYTHING remotely connected to high poly) alright.

what you see there on the high poly is all texture, at the moment, the skin is all flat and looks practicly the same as the low poly as i cant start until my copy of mudbox is fixed.

But if what i have done isn't good enough for the mod I understand, but at least give me a change to...you know, actually model it first? :)

-edit- oh! i didn't see the tutorial :) yeah, I already know how to do the alpha effected hair, i just havent done it yet as, well, im still dong the face first, the hair model is placeholder.

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