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Media Platoon Re-opens!


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name: DXR_13KE (if you want you can request my real name in a PM)

age: 22

contact information: [email protected]

The community forum i would like to represent: http://www.bit-tech.net/ i am a regular member at their forums.

"bit-tech.net is the leading independent hardware review and PC modification site in the UK. We specialise in off-the-wall (and sometimes on it too!) mods, reviews and articles. Our reviews are frank, honest and reliable and we endeavour to provide the best information possible to our readers."[/b]
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[email protected]

http://www.wideband.net.au (only a small site for the local ISP, but the guys on there usally start spreading stuff all over the place) i can also do copypasta onto http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/ even though i havnt been a member for a long time on whirlpool.

might not be much but helping out either way is still good.

I also know a few mods on incrysis.com and i can get them to pass on the updates as well.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Media platoon recruits have been decided!

Congratulations to:

HunterXc: Atomix Gaming, eXiled Clan, Epsilon WorldWide

A1H: Whirlpool boards

tthom: UN community forums

DXR_13KE: Bit-Tech.net

DirtyCopGangsta: Duke-Gaming and SOC clan

Aydynbek: Fallout Studios

You will be put into our Media Platoon forum group and should be able to see the Media Platoon forum board in a few minutes from this post.

If you have any problems, contact me.

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