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Multiple things; Firstly, Why is there no SDK Dedicated Forum?


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OK, so I would have placed these Questions in a Dedicated Forum Area, since it's all about SDK.


So, first off, how does one go about adding New Options for Purchase Terminals?

For this, I'm looking at making it possible to buy Specific Items that are not usually available.
For instance, the H-MLRS, which happens to be among my favourites, how do I make it so that the Normal Purchase Terminal can actually sell one?
Another item, EMP Grenade (or any other weapon for that matter), any way to make a Weapons Menu (some Beta Releases used to have it I think)?


Secondly, and slightly related to the first question, how do I change what the Default Weapon Loadouts are for the Map?
So, for example, Patch being armed with a more suitable Back-Up Gun for when he runs out of Ammunition.


Next up, Harvester Pathing Options, and them being able to Trigger Gates to Open.

I'd like to make it possible for my Harvesters to Trigger Gates to Open because I want to build the Base as it would be properly built.
I know, Health & Safety gone mad, right?
How do I enable Gates to be opened by Harvesters?


Assets, namely those to complete the Tech-Tree with.
Construction Yard
Advanced Power Plant
Communications Centre
Advanced Communications Centre
Does anyone have anything like this available at all?
If not, at a stretch, if I made the Objects, would somebody else be willing to UV Map them and then Paint them?

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Moved to the SDK/modding section.

To control what is visible in the purchase menu, you can edit that from the world properties/map info. All that is changeable here is changing which vehicles and infantry classes are available. Currently there is not a way to customize inventories directly in the map info itself. That would involve creating new classes for the "FamilyInfo" of a certain character. FamilyInfo files contain info such as the InventoryManager default layout (which describes which weapons they have). The FamilyInfo also contains things like health, armour type, movespeed etc.

There are many different vehicles that can be added or swapped in for each team.

As an example, I changed this empty spot to a tesla tank.



For the question of the harvester gates, there is a map called Storm that contains that exact feature. It is probably in the kismet in there. I have attached the map to this message.


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  • Totem Arts Staff
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Something that I think is relevant here as I know it can be tricky to find the Best Tutorial for it.

Collision Data.


I know I've had a few times where I search for a Tutorial on it, and then can't find the right one.
Well, this one is the best relevant one I've found.


It might help anyone else who's stuck on this matter.

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