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PCgamer article on CnC.....


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Pc gamer released an article that cited CnC as a major player in the RTS arena.      Nice.

That after an article on why people should play  Red Alert 1.      Very nice.

Ride the wave RenegadeX ... ride that wave........


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Red Alert 3 wasn't bad, either. It just lost some of the vibe of the previous games, both in gameplay and even in the live-action cutscenes. And in how it looked. The graphics were weird. Reminded me of C&C 4. The latter got too cartoony/goofy with the way the units looked, and while the story cutscenes weren't the worst I'd ever seen, the really needless part was that woman/wife (whose character just came out of nowhere) bawling her eye out at me in every scene.

I wish they could remake Red Alert 2 with enhanced if not completely updated graphics, maybe use the same engine as C&C 3 Tiberium Wars and import some things from RA3, like unit abilities that had cooldowns.

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