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my bots did a rocket rush.....


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Under. Just me and my bots.

3 lvl 1s.   3 lvl 6s.    the bots.

I opened with taking the silo and mining up.  Then switched to the other side to repeat.

Ran to the silo.  Died.   Repeat run to silo.     Ok it is ours.

Pushed on into the enemy tunnels....    why not?  Right?   Always push the knife deeper.

Suddenly I notice rockets...  not just one.  two.. three?   What the hell!    My bots are attacking the Power Plant!!   

It is a BOT rocket rush!


Ok...  truth it was only 2 bots... but the feeling was like 3 or 4....


PS.  prev match i did 3 lvl 1s and 2  lvl 8s.....  A base building was killed in 10 min....    live and learn....    dam  bots.


i dont understand why we dont appreciate the bots more.......



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truth. ps about prev.
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