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1. For some reason the game installation is very slow. At first it goes briskly up to 35%, then extremely slowly, as if the speed had become 1MB/s. Perhaps the problem is on the side of my PC, I can’t answer anything yet
2. When choosing a directory to install the game, if the launcher detects that it is not empty, it will offer an empty one for installation. The problem is that when you click "okay" nothing happens, the window does not close, and you have to restart the launcher
3. The game has been crashing very often lately. What’s funny is that if you don’t go into the battle settings (battle time, starting money, AI difficulty) and start right away, you can avoid crashing in most cases
4. (non-critical) I didn’t catch the moment, but either after updating the game, or after restarting the PC, the loading screen disappears. That is, the “level” is loaded and everything is ok, but this is not visually visible
5 (non-critical) Bots “love” to stand tightly against the wall inside buildings. Usually in a corner in a doorway, which often leaves the door open
6 (non-critical) Engineers run around like crazy, ignoring everything in their path (including damaged equipment, but very rarely they fix it), while trying to kill someone with pistols half a map away, which looks strange. Well, they also sometimes try to “kill” with the help of a repair gun

I tried to collect the most common bugs. I used Google translator, so some things may not be very clear. I love this game, so I put together this list. Developers, don't be mad at me 😃

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  • Totem Arts Staff

For the launcher stuff, we have an update coming later.

Related to bots/skirmish, the game tends to crash rather often if you add bots through the menu. Adding them through commands in-game will reduce crashes at beginning of the match.

For bot behaviour and such, it's unlikely most of that will be changed.

Thank you for your reports.

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