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the pistol speaks...


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I have always found the pistols to be a bit of fun.  Maybe most folks would find that silly, so I have tried to have some extra fun with them by being silly.

Sometimes I will declare they are OP!   and lately I started remarking  "The pistol speaks"  when I first use it to kill in a match.   It is a tradition with me now even though I sometimes die while typing it out...  0o.

Lately it seems to be  growing meme, which is kinda funny in itself.   But I do laugh when someone says... the rocket launcher speaks or the C4 speaks.   For the record tho  I think it should be used rather sparingly when used by any major weaponry.    It is just funnier when it is the under valued pistol, especially the Silenced pistol.

O.. and what does the pistol say?     It says     pew  pew pew pew Boink!


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