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What is the Most Satisfying thing to do in RENX


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Simply as the title says, What is your own personal most satisfying thing to do whilst in-game on RenX? 


Personally for me, if the opposing team has a lot of reps behind it's tank, It's going for long-range tank headshots. Such a soothing feeling when you ping one square in the napper from a stupidly long distance. 

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Teamwork by players who are not commanded and seeing a losing team rally to win.

Shooting thru foliage and missing tree trunks.

Learning new maps.

Edit add:      The often funny and joking camaraderie   including funny player names.


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Shooting arty shells from behind a wall or something and still hitting stuff without being able to be hit back.

Killing many hotwire or techs at once while driving in to enemy tanks


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