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Decided to take a few steps back from working on full "CNC" maps to working with a few TDM maps which could be played in RenX and hopefully Firestorm when that releases. Mostly trying to work on scale while improving at overall design.
The map is set in an underground network, hence the name, and each room will have a theme and weapons to fit said theme.

Standard weapon supply room:
Will have Heavy pistol, smg, sniper, scoped AR.


Toxin Room:
Flechette SMG, Tox Launcher, tib nade


Vehicle Room:
Chaingun, Rocketlauncher, Flakcannon


Cargo Room:
Laser Rifle, Laser Chain-gun, Volt-Rifle.


Notes: It might be a bit obvious that the cargo room seems a bit off for its weapon selection but that's because I plan on either completely changing it and turning it into a high-tech, research lab type of room, or changing its location while possibly lowering its size. Either way I will be making a high-tech room either way.
The red color of the tib mist I'll be changing to pink once I figure out how to edit emitters. If someone could point me in the right direction I'll be sure to include that in the Laboratory Room update
I originally had the Tib rifle on the map but was on the fence and eventually decided to take it out. I'm not opposed to putting it back in so if that's something you'd want then let me know.
I also decided to not wait until the map was completely finished layout wise before putting this up for people to playtest so if there's any changes or even ideas that you'd like to see implemented feel free to share your thoughts/feedback. 
Once I get the Laboratory room completed I'll be updating the map so keep a lookout for that SOONTM

Until then here are some more screenshots, and again, please post and feedback that you'd like to share.



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