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Game crashes back to desktop on startup after every pc restart

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Hi again,

Was using the new launcher without any issues for a couple of days then startup crashes started to happen again....

I install the game and it runs just fine until I shut my pc down, after I open it up when I'm back home it just kicks me back to desktop on the server join screen.

A fresh install seems to solve it for now but is there any way to break this vicious cycle?

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks...


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37 minutes ago, NodSaibot said:

Haven't heard of other users having this issue, seeing the logs could provide some insight. You can find the log files in the UDKGame\Logs\ directory of your install location. You don't need to post the .dmps, only .log

Tried to launch the game directly from 32bit executable file ( without laucher ) and it seemed to work, after that laucher works fine as well.

Weird stuff, posting the laucher log here, can't understand anything from it and it's kinda long but it might be of some use...



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It's me again...

The game started to crash again on the server join screen but strangely no matter which server it is, it lets me join like 2 games in a row ( also for the day most of the time ) max then kicks me back to desktop without like any crash msg etc... and then I can't play again, sometimes a restrat on the modem  solves it, sometimes not, driving me crazy...

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