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[Mod] Sniper VP Rewards Mutator


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Sniper VP Rewards Mutator

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Here is the mutator for sniper vp killer rewards. I've included config options for Marksman, Ramjet and DeadEye/BH sniper rifles. You can adjust the percentage of rewards for each sniper rifle type in UDKSniper_VP_Killer_Rewards.ini. Something I found when looking at the game code prior is that the sniper rifles that BlackHand and DeadEye use actually give bonus VP for kills over every other class, so you get a +1 VP bonus, I'm not sure why their rifles are given bonus rewards but I've added a setting in the config to disable this bonus VP. There are a few useful logs from the mutator that you can use to determine current values, just do a search for SVPKR to get them all, examples below.

SVPKR: BaseVP for Kill of Soldier with Rx_Weapon_SniperRifle_Nod and sniper modifier at 61% is:1.2200 (Default: 2.0000)
SVPKR: Sniper VP Bonus Enabled (Bonus Amount: 1)
SVPKR: Sniper VP Bonus Disabled (Usually: 1)
SVPKR: Rewarded VP: 4.2200

You will notice that Rewarded VP is different from what the modifier VP says this is because the rewarded VP is after all other additions have been made such as if the victim was holding a beacon, since they are not sniper specific I haven't made it log that information. Sample Config



HOW TO USE Add mutator to list of arguments: ?mutator=Sniper_VP_Killer_Rewards.Sniper_VP_Killer_Rewards Set your settings in the config: UDKSniper_VP_Killer_Rewards.ini If you want anything adding or tweaking let me know.


Created by @PieMan


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