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What is the most needed job ? for FS I might be able to help


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On 11/5/2022 at 4:09 AM, CAST said:

Yeah I am asking stuff like can I help make a box or something just small stuff ballcing ideas and more

Maybe you could share some artwork to show the devs what you could contribute. Maybe a couple of contrete wall sections perhaps.

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I suppose that if you showcase some gameready models (PBR-textured, unwrapped, with normal maps for the Unreal engine), i guess they would be more likely to respond to your request. Like idk, a new Obelisk of Light design for example. Or a popup laser turret that can be airdropped or something. Or some building that builds itself like in the game (would propably need several shapekeys though).

Its not something you do quickly, like in a afternoon.

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On 11/1/2022 at 3:24 PM, CAST said:

I can't do very hi detailed OBJ cant wild life ect and have some experience with URE5 train modeling 


and cant speak thor a mic

Firestorm needs someone who can finish…most players can’t finish…Shoetim can’t finish….roweboat can’t finish….Nod can’t finish…

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On 1/7/2023 at 5:51 AM, AshbyJones said:

is this the graphics quality we can expect from this so-called "Firestorm" game?


I'm all for it btw.....

No. I only wanted to show some idea's as in presenting general shapes. Just like a scetch before the real work is made, but animated. I didn't feel like making a full gameready UE-compatible gameasset nobody asked for. This isn't a showcase of my modelling skills to apply to TA for whatever contribution to the game.

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