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[Level] TDM Iceworld


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GREAT, I loved this map in CS. If someone organize a server to check this map, don't hesitate to mention me!

There should be a permanent TDM server for people waiting for slot.


EDIT: I have played with bots (8vs8) and I have a few comments:

- Please, put the lamps higher enough to get stuck.

- Reduce the number of weapons: I mean, this map could be great if you keep it 3 or 4 types of weapons. My combination would be raven gun, chem gun, sbh gun and maybe 1 doza weapon in the middle with high respawn time. If the idea doesn't fit with you, please remove rocket at least.

Even with bots, I've enjoyed the chaos.


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I played the map
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New version of the map uploaded.

Both sides now have the same set of weapon spawns. I reduced it to 4 types (and you're right, the rocket launcher was a bit too much lol). You also can't get stuck on the lamps in the middle.

I still can't figure out why the minimap is working so weird. It shows your position correctly but not the positions of other players.


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