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Meat Grinder goes AOW!


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I really like the meat grinder.   Field 24/7.   Beautiful.

Excited does not do justice  to 30 min AOW    Put some AwesomeSauce on it.


I been finding it hard to play this game with the situation irl atm...     I do not know how much I can seed this server, tho I sooo... want to .

( prays for  an exciting aow game to keep the spirit alive)

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Great game last night.   We went from 2 players to 12 within one match.   When the timer ran out our last building was trying to stay alive.

And..... despite allowing anything including beacons and commanders...  a little bit of balancing kept the game fun till the end.


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Where are you?    hmm...   Have  you not seen how often this server is active?

Do you not notice the awesome late night   (est) games that can SPonTaniously Happen?

.....     come back....


Come back!!!


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