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[Level] CNC-Bridge


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Now that Bridge is roughly 80% complete I thought I should actually make a post on here and give a quick run through the level.

Air Enabled
Tiberium Sun Vehicles Enabled

Recommended players : 64
Max Vehicles : 14
Mine Limit : 36
Gdi Buildings : Power Plant, Barracks, AGT, Refinery, Helipad, Weapons Factory, Repair Pad
Nod Buildings : Power Plant, HON, OBI, Refinery, Helipad, Airstrip, Repair Pad
Neutral Buildings : Tiberium Silo, Medical Facility 




The Bridge is a very short path that provides quick access to the centre mountain and enemy base this path is accessible by vehicles but is very vulnerable to ambushes. infantry can avoid snipers by going underneath the bridge, they can also use this position to attack vehicles on the long vehicle path.503635078_BridgePath.thumb.png.50fd870855230f7978e6ca16eaf4a5b6.png


Beside GDI and NODs Ref is a small cave that can be used to access the underneath of the bridge

Long Vehicle Path
The Long path is ideal for vehicles its also the the path that NOD and GDI fields are located on. it offers a lot of good terrain to help cover your vehicles as well as several different routes to attempt flanking enemies.


Infantry & Air Caves

Thee is an air and infantry cave for both NOD and GDI cave that is accessible via the long path. there is anti air in position at nods base watching over the air cave & 2 guard towers watching over the infantry cave. (both NOD and GDI have a defensive wall they can use if they lose their guard towers)



Strategic Areas

The Silo
The silo is located on the top of the centre mountain it is vulnerable to snipers and aircraft but is a very good position to mount a rocket rush from.


The Medical Facility
The Medical facility is located from the bottom of the mountain as is a large safe haven for infantry from vehicles and snipers (unless snipers decide to go in there) it is both easily accessible from the bridge and long paths


Extra Tech
Both NOD & GDI have a secret bike garage located in a cave near the repair pads


Work to be done 
a higher quality minimap
Smoothing out of some terrain 
Some more optimizations
more work with textures and foliage (purely aesthetic) 
the further resolution of any issues found in further playtests

Special Thanks to

Kenz3001 (for all the help and knowledge over the months)
Handepsilon (helping with kismet)
Olmteka (a lot of help at the stat of this project)
Kira (making things happen behind the scenes)
Whistle and the play testers for taking the time to help test

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