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My thoughts on the latest Dev Talk video - Lore expansion, aesthetics, balance...etc.


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As it was mentioned, the timeline could be between C&C Tiberian Sun and C&C3 Tiberium Wars, so there should be room for expanding the lore and with it, explaining the existence of units that would be close analogs/precursors for the C&C3 units many of us would like to see. Avatars, Zone Troopers/Raiders...etc. can make an appearance, but not quite as we know them from C&C3. The units could be similar, original, with the added explanation that they're perhaps early prototypes and initiatives from both sides, in their arms race, during the time between Sun and Wars, much like the things we've seen in the Kane's Wrath expansion.

What could be more satisfying, to fans and as fans, to actually, seamlessly and believably expand the game, the lore. Sure, it wouldn't be actually canon, but who knows, maybe some of the original developers from Westwood are still floating around, they'll see it and go, "Damn, maybe we should give a proper sequel a try." Or they'll just appreciate the passion fans still have. They'll surely be glad to see it, even if they can't make a sequel. But, never say never. 

Now, for some questions/clarifications/observations.

Can the Mobile Stealth Generator be left alone and can it be hijacked, like any empty vehicle, then?

Seeing that Personal Obelisk weapon seemed like a BIT MUCH, at first, but, then...like I said above, stuff like that can be explained, as an expansion of lore, experimental weapons...etc. on both sides. And yeah, I wouldn't want some hit-scan crap, either. I mean, yes, they're laser weapons, sure. Perhaps they can be the successors of the ramjets Sakura/Havoc uses, with instant projectile travel time. But, again, that's practically hit-scan. Can't decide if I'd want something like that, unless it'll cost A LOT, with very slow fire-rates and perhaps it can encumber the holder, make them move more slowly and of course only some archetypal units should be able to handle it, for balance.

Someone mentioned how relying on skill and not hit-scan was important. And it definitely is. I'm funding the development of a game called EM-8ER, from the original creator of WoW, who plans to break away from standard, dreadful MMO formula and one of the things they want to emphasize and implement is definitely the reliance on skill and not have any hit-scan/auto-hit combat, which is, of course, the oh so cleverly hidden dice-rolling that's going on in the back as characters ineffectually flail at one another. And, of course, in a game like RenX/Firestorm it is even more important not to have stuff like that.  

I cannot recall, in the old Tiberian Sun and Firestorm, if every unit on one side had a counter on the other. A particular unit that was strong/weak against another particular unit on the other side. I'm always reminded of Red Alert 3. As goofy as it was, even if you had a max rank unit of a certain type, if it was weak against another type it didn't do much damage, even with it's max rank damage bonus. Veterancy isn't planned to be a thing, though. Which is actually good.

With veterancy being removed it will be double good. One, it will be easier to balance. Two, veteran/pro players won't be untouchable/unkillable anymore, just because they racked up points and kills. One of them won't be able to hold down a single path and be the terror of the battlefield, all by themselves.   

Nod definitely has to retain their alien look. One of my favorite designs is the Sam Site in C&C3. The way it's deployed, with a control node, to how the three separate launcher open up, like budding alien flora, it all looks so out of that world. I know the honeycomb pattern is actually used a lot, especially in sci-fi settings, but it never fails to please my eyes, whenever I see it on something.

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